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VARIOKIT Fri Frembygning

The PERI solution for the cantilever method is a combination of specifically developed system components and VARIOKIT standard parts.
With optimized components of the balanced cantilever equipment, up to 5.75 m long segments can be concreted. In addition, VARIOKIT system components are used. As a result, PERI achieves maximum adaptability for different bridge cross-sections.
For the realization of the motorway bridge near Tarnow, the construction team achieved a 4 to 5 -day cycle thanks to the easy-to-use mechanical solution. At the same time, the requirements regarding the very low tolerances for the variable bridge cross-section could be fulfilled.
The combinability of the balanced cantilever equipment with the PERI UP modular scaffold allows – as part of the comprehensive PERI project solution – modular working platforms and access to all working areas. With a minimum of effort for the construction team, the modular scaffolding can easily be connected to VARIOKIT standard components using simple connection means.


The PERI VARIOKIT solution for the cantilever method is a combination of stable, specifically developed system components for the main load transfer and VARIOKIT standard parts for the design of formwork, work scaffolding and platforms, as well as adjustment to the geometry of the cross-section.

Customized solution
Load-optimized, rentable adaptation to the bridge geomety due to the construction kit principle

Easy and simple
Jobsite-compliant and efficient application with standardized modular construction system

Modular working platforms and access means to all working areas through a compatibility to the PERI UP scaffolding system

Technical Details

The balanced cantilever equipment transfers the fresh concrete loads into the supporting structure and moves the formwork from section to section. In order to accommodate the changes in the hollow box cross-section, a formwork solution consisting of VARIO girder wall formwork is used.

  • Concreting section weights up to 270 t using a standard application with two main frames
  • Section lengths up to 5.75 m possible
  • Maximum adaptability for transverse and longitudinal inclinations
  • For use in radii and spiral curves
  • Weight optimization due to a high level of material utilization
  • Exact, dimensionally-accurate concreting results through automatically setting up by means of integrated hydraulics
  • All modules can be re-used without any further processing

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