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VARIODECK Dækforskalling

The slab table with steel walers for large formwork areas and heavy pre-fabricated parts
The slab tables with SRU steel walers serving as main beams are the perfect supplement to the VT table modules at the slab edge. With a construction height of 36 cm, less storage and transportation capacity is required.
The corner protector avoids damage to the formlining when moving the tables with standard lifting gear at the jobsite. The steel cap and the rounded web make the PERI VT 20K girder extremely robust and long-lasting.
Due to the low construction height of only 36 cm, 20 % less transportation and storage capacity is necessary compared to slab tables with trusses made of type 20 wooden girders. The firmly mounted support timbers ensure the required protection of the formlining in the stack and during transportation.
Lifting bracket and landing platform: Following the drawer principle, the slab tables are moved into the table lifting unit. The topmost guardrail remains intact – the load is simply moved across it.


VARIODECK is the ideal and safe solution for slab edge areas when panel slab formwork is to be used for the inner area. Slab areas of around 15 m² and up to 50 cm thick can be formed with the table. VARIODECK is quickly moved into the next storey in each case with a single crane lift. By means of the swivel head, the 4 props can be easily folded in the longitudinal direction of the table, e.g. for moving under beams.

Quickly ready for use
through the provision of pre-assembled tables – during assembly, only the lower part of the swivel head must be attached to the slab prop

High load-bearing capacity
with longitudinal-positioned steel walers which allow large cantilevers or can accommodate heavy prefabricated parts

Flexibly adaptable
by continuously moving the Table Swivel Head ± 15 cm

Technical Details

  • Pre-assembled slab tables in 4 standard sizes (4.00 m x 2.15 m | 4.00 m x 2.65 m | 6.00 m x 2.15 m | 6.00 m x 2.65 m)
  • For slab thicknesses up to 50 cm (with 4 MULTIPROP slab props); larger slab thicknesses or dimensions with additional support or PERI UP shoring
  • Horizontal transportation throughout the storey using the Table Trolley, Table Lift or Transportation Wheel on the shoring
  • Moving storey to storey with the crane and Table Lifting Fork
  • Width compensation of up to 50 cm through protruding cross beams which serve as supporting surface for the formlining
  • Can also be used as an edge table with guardrail holders and guardrail posts without any modififi cation of the prop positions
  • Use as a safety scaffold in accordance with DIN 4420

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